We design, develop and market Digital Products together with you. Because Dreams and Teams work together.

We feel part of your team, working as digital experts within your organization. We are committed to your business. We choose projects that keep us dreaming long-term. And we like every facet of the projects we choose.

We don’t say goodbye after the first fancy design stage, we also help you with maintenance, support, enhancements and growth. We’ve got your back.

We don't like flings. We like love stories.

What we Believe in

Our Code of Honor

We share the same values, the same mission, and we have the privilege to creatively ride on new horizons together.

1. Respect & Honesty

Honesty and mutual respect are the foundation of every healthy relationship, at work and in life. We believe that they enable us to build long-lasting relationships with each other and with our clients, and achieve greater results. We do not look down on people who acknowledge their mistakes, we reward them for what they bring to the table.

2. Teamwork

Individuals don't win games, teams do.’ In sports, as in business. Just like a sports team, we have a strong common purpose. We support and push each other, and we train, sweat and celebrate our victories together.

3. Work-Life Balance

Disconnecting from technology is getting harder and harder. Opportunities to unplug and enjoy life beyond the screen are becoming increasingly rare. Our industry is not helping. We try to do our part by encouraging our people to take breaks and find a healthy work-life balance.

4. Passion & Curiosity

We live our passions every day at work. We're lucky. It's fun, it’s not a duty. And this helps us constantly improve. A new technology, a new strategy, a new design. We're stoked. Work makes us excited, it makes us curious.

5. Entrepreneurship

In sports, losing is part of the game. So in business. And we're willing to play, with no regrets. We see new projects as a new challenge, and we enjoy the ride. Each team member feels like an entrepreneur contributing to the common achievement. And the team is there, ready to cheer their win.

6. Sustainability & Giving Back

We were given the best home, yet we are destroying it. We have the resources to change the game, let's put them to good use. We promote and partner with sustainable projects that seek to give us a better future, and we support Nonprofits that help those in need. It's a long ride, but it's worth the effort.


Our Team

We're a lean organisation made up of professionals spread across multiple locations. This gives us the opportunity to work on the latest technologies with some of the brightest and coolest colleagues out there.

Marco Gregorin

Founder & CEO

Riccardo Lorenzi

Chief Technology Officer

Jonata Bonometti

Head of Growth

Antonio Russo

Engineering Manager

Riccardo Cavaletti

Head of Social

Angelo Doni

ADS Specialist

Alessandro Costa

SEO Specialist

Beatrice Baroni


Jacopo Verdini

UX & UI Designer

Caterina Licini

Social Media Manager

Filippo Galli

Back-end Developer

Franco Ticona

Front-end Developer

Marco Sangalli

Front-end Developer

Martina Prestino

Grapich & Motion Designer

Francesca Pizzuto


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