We craft creativity, design and develop products and implement digital marketing strategies. Together with you.

We feel part of your team, working as digital experts within your organization. We are committed to your business, from the start to the finish line. Because Dreams and Teams work together.

We choose projects that keep us dreaming long-term. And we like every facet of the projects we choose.

We don't like flings. We like love stories.

What we Believe in

Our Code of Honor

We share the same values, the same mission, and we have the privilege to creatively ride on new horizons together.

1. Be Kind

Within our team, ideas flow freely, diverse perspectives are valued, and mistakes can happen. Rather than hiding errors, we take ownership of them and seize the opportunity to learn and grow. This commitment to transparency paves the way for building strong relationships and enhances creativity.

2. Embrace Transparency

Individuals don't win games, teams do.’ In sports, as in business. Just like a sports team, we have a strong common purpose. We support and push each other, and we train, sweat and celebrate our victories together.

3. Focus on the Bigger Picture

Avoid limiting yourself to an individual perspective or perceiving your work in isolation. Acknowledge that your talents and dedication contribute significantly to the entire team. Every task you undertake plays a vital role in shaping the ultimate outcome.

4. Foster Freedom

We prioritize your sense of freedom at Ride On. You have the freedom to express yourself and enjoy your leisure time and life. We never enforce strict office hours, and your work is evaluated solely based on the results you achieve.

5. Collaborate and Conquer

Individuals don't win games, teams do. Just like a sports team, we share a strong common purpose. We support and motivate each other, working together, training together, and celebrating our triumphs together. When communicating or presenting, remember that it is not an "I" accomplishment, but rather a "we" effort.

6. Achieve Work-Life Balance

In today's hyperconnected world, finding moments to disconnect from technology and embrace life beyond screens has become increasingly challenging. Our industry is for sure not helping. At Ride On, we strive to promote a healthy work-life balance by encouraging team members to take breaks and prioritize their well-being.

7. Be curious

Each day, we are privileged to find joy and fulfilment in our work, driven by our passion in what we do. This enthusiasm fuels our continuous growth, inspiring us to delve into new technologies, strategies, and designs. We approach our tasks with excitement and curiosity, overcoming fear to do what is right.

8. Embody Problem-Solving

At Ride On, regardless of your specific role as a developer, marketer, manager, or any other position, we all share a common objective: problem-solving. Your job title should never limit you. Take initiative, step beyond your defined responsibilities, and if necessary, progress to the next stage without waiting for permission.

9. Enjoy the ride

We live in a dynamic world, where uncertainty surrounds the future technologies we will utilize and the projects we will embark upon. At Ride On, we thrive in this ever-changing landscape, treating it as a continuous experiment in which each individual plays a vital role. We encourage you to embrace the unexpected and enjoy the ride.


Our Team

We are a lean organization made up of creative, product, tech, and marketing geeks. We are spread across various locations. This gives us the opportunity to work on the latest technologies with some of the brightest and coolest minds out there. We work mostly remotely, but it is as we were together every day.

Marco Gregorin

Founder & CEO

Riccardo Lorenzi

Chief Technology Officer

Jonata Bonometti

Head of Growth

Antonio Russo

Engineering Manager

Riccardo Cavaletti

Head of Social

Angelo Doni

ADS Specialist

Alessandro Costa

SEO Specialist

Beatrice Baroni


Jacopo Verdini

UX & UI Designer

Caterina Licini

Social Media Manager

Filippo Galli

Back-end Developer

Franco Ticona

Front-end Developer

Marco Sangalli

Front-end Developer

Martina Prestino

Graphic & Motion Designer

Francesca Pizzuto


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